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Loving Comments from Students

Krishaang Motani

Bhaiya.. You are the best teacher I have ever had. You were always more like a brother than like a teacher. Thank you.

Surbhi Nopany

I had the privilege of being his first student and am glad that he taught me accounts. He laid the foundation so strong that I could clear CA INTER in my first attempt inspite of such a hectic life. All thanks to him. He is a mentor and more importantly a friend to all his students and this is what I admire the most about him. You are a great teacher! Wish you all the veryyy best for your future!

Kritika Baradia

I am very grateful to ANC for providing me the best teaching that helped me cracking professional exams, most importantly friendly environment.. Found a great teacher who is now more of a friend, enjoying the experience of attending classes, frequent outings, parties n lots of fun keeping the studies in intact. One of the most coolest teacher ever got accustomed with!

Yaahwi Nirmal

7th may the first time i entered ANC. "Anand nopany classes" its not just a room where you sit and study but a room full of emotions. The benches - where you sit and write up your knowledge and the board - increases it. The mirror - where u see urself as a learner. And the teacher's desk - Where u seem to be a pencil and the teacher ur eraser who sits and corrects all ur mistakes. Here you don't only sit n study a particular subject but you also get to know several meanings of life. Before 7th may i never knew accounts can also be so intresting but its only because of my teacher anand sir that i find it so easy. It's also a place where you just want to learn n study and never wish to go back home. ANC is just like our second home where not even a single student feels left out. Even if we don't do well .. we know there is a place where we can go and correct our mistakes and gain confidence in ourselves to do well next time. From this place i m very much inspired as a single person can handle so many cracked heads and still have that much of patience to listen to every single problem. Everytime we enter this room we know we are going to be a better person the moment we step out. What i'll be in the future i'll owe it all to ANC! Anc is a family And i feel proud to be a part of it! ANC - *AWESOME*(NESS) [CERTIFIED]

Ashwin jhunjhunwala

ANC the best accounts class..and anand sir the best accounts teacher.. He is the best as a person,in nature.. He is not only our teacher but also ur guide nd our frnd too.. He is a very happy nd a jolly man.. Nd i would say him never to close his classes..he is doing the best job..

Shubham Agarwal

I have been a very happy student of ANC, I love the way Anand Bhaiya is.. Apart from being a great friend of mine he is the most decent nd the smartest guy i have ever come acrss...!! The atmosphere he creates dosnt let me think about him as a strict cranky tutor even fr a fraction f a sec....!! Eveyone says " EXPERIENCE iz the best TEACHER but for me having you as a TEACHER has been the best EXPERIENCE " Thank you for everything...!! Wishing u all the luck in future...!! #love #respect ..!!

Nihal sureka

ANC-- anand and nihal classes.....also known as anand nopany feels great seeing ANC grow in front of ur eyes nd see so many students be a part of it..anand bhaiya and luv bhaiyaa along wid babu bhaiya have contributed to d excellent faculty of ANC...all three young dashing harcore personalities have had some contribution to d mesmarizing succuess of ANC..Its gud to c such picture perfect growth nd development both in d sides of students and teachers And thereby ANC as a whole

Nancy Agarwal

ANC-a perfect institute of learning with CAAnandNopany,as the divine master of accountancy ..I have been in this institute from the last two years,and undoubtbly learning is fun when Anand Nopany is on the teaching side .He creates an environment conducive to student learning.ANC has been my home away from home .Anand sir's way of teaching is very friendly.His way of teaching and attending to their needs is commendable .His pateince is definitely a virtue .I am super blessed to be a part of this family.ANC has sown the seeds of Accountancy within me,and since then it has always been my favourite area ..All the ANC students are lucky enough to have been mentored by Anand sir ..ANC has grown by leaps and bounds in this last 3 years,with the combined effort of all the faculty members and the students .. Whatever I am today,or I ought to become ..I owe all to Anand Sir .. Thankyou . With blessings and love

Rounak Agarwal

You are the only person who has given me the motivation to study. It was all by chance I went to your coaching classes with the intention of doing masti but that turned out to be a damn interesting Accounts tuition for me. So that was the starting of our friendship and the journey continues. You were not only a leader or guide to me but my friend and a very close companion. With a great teacher like you I was sure that i could succeed and you made it more easy to achieve. The Award for the most teacher has been declared and it goes to you.

Harsh Bubna

Anc was the place where i actually understood studies arent that boring and tough,the methods and ways of teaching are very simple..What can one say about Anand bhayyia,he is just what the modern generations needs as a teacher,frank polite and always there to solve your problem be it 12 in the night or 8 in the morning.I owe a large part of my educational success till now to Anc and Anand bhayyia.. Wish Anc all the best for future,keep rocking. A message for Anand bhayia,No matter what anyone tells you or how often you find yourself being misunderstood,just do not change for anyone as a teacher.

Khushboo Jhunjhunwala

If i was asked to say something about Anand sir's classes, i would use just one word- Saviour. For a student like me, who disliked accountancy and dreaded the subject, getting a 95 in class 12 boards solely happened because of his excellent guidance and mentoring. Ofcourse, who wouldn't like studying in a fun filled atmosphere where learning is made easy by a friend cum guide like anand bhaiya. I owe him my gratitude.

Rohit Agarwal

A teacher teaches, a good teacher explains, while the best teacher motivates. ANC not only provide classic environmental education but also an inspirational character for a good being. Anand bhya is a teacher with the roles of a Guide, Motivator, Friend, Parent, as well as a person having dashing personality. ANC is an institute which makes Accounts so interesting with entertainment that anybody would be able to understand it with most ease. It gives us the opportunity to make the best of our potential & limits to unlimited!! It gives full understanding of the subject leaving the impossibles. In 1 line - ANC is a great institution making students fully capable of their own.!

Rishabh Gupta

i dont noe the exact date when i entered "ANC"...but after entering into it my view towards accounts changed......ANAND bhaiya....the changer helped me in changing my view towards accounts...nd making easy nd brainfriendly fr me......a big thanks.....bhaiya,.......:).....a gr8 teacher..(Y)

Manish Dhacholia

ANC, well I have had the privilege of being there when this guy(Anand Nopany a.k.a Sheru) was thinking of starting his career in this field, after just having become a CA. Although i am not one of his students but I wish he was one when I was in school/College. Looking back I wouldn't have imagined him being this successful teaching, as he was never the serious type and i couldn't imagine a Tutor who is very friendly and down to earth have this much success and the fact that all his students love him so much just shows that students now need a change compared the the old Traditional type tutors, but very few people know the amount of time he spent at home prepping himself for this and the amount of sacrifices he has had to make to reach where he is right now, which is truly admirable. Buddy, you have made us all proud, and hope you reach the very top of the ladder in this field.

Shreyans Singhi

ANC has been a wonderful experience so far for me. The teaching method and the classroom atmosphere are an ideal combination one looks for. This is the place where one studies without any undesirable academic burden. Anand Bhaiya is one of the most focused and innovative teachers one can ever come across. I am glad I could be a part of this institution and come across such an amazing educator who is a source for rational guidance and countless motivation. He is always ready to help irrespective of the time on the clock. Surely a wonderful experience I would recommend to all.

Rohit Agarwal

ANC- Anand Nopany Classes I can say today it makes a huge difference in my life! And i feel blessed that i am a part of this honourable prestiges educational institute. The way of teaching is just flawless. He really help a lot after each of his student. Like a brother guardian and a teacher! One of the best thing happen in my life. its been 5years i am studying under ANC and trust me i have no complains but only RESPECT! Thank you ANC to make me a part of you! And thank you for making my tomorrow better!

Shivam Gupta

Today I love accounts, for a reason and the reason is CA Anand Nopany... For me accounts means Anand bhaiya But anand Bhaiya means much more than just accounts... he is like a best friend to me... usually in previous tutions there used to be a feeling that there is a teacher and im a student and it was more of a school type atmosphere but here its like a friend teaching u along with a whole lot of masti, bas ek baat hai... pen apna leke aana padta h... :P love u bhaiya... ;)